A gamification framework for creatives, marketers and developers

Gamification is complex, because humans are complex. Theres is no one-size-fits-all solution when designing for engagement. And there are so many tricks, triggers and mechanics to choose from.

What if you had a simple, step-by-step framework for gamified design, and an "a-la-carte" of engaging game mechanics to pick and choose from?

Playify not only teaches you about basic gamification principles, but gives you a clear process to follow and lots of ideas to help you design your own gamified experiences. A Playify deck consists of four categories of cards, representing the most critical components of a gamification experience. You work your way through each of the categories, picking out and combining idea cards to form a comprehensive concept.

Each idea card you choose becomes a sounding board, and a basis for discussion of how it could be manifested in your specific project.


“Väldigt välgenomarbetat. Jag kommer definitivt sätta det i händerna på våra kunder.”
— Mats Björk, Sogeti
Fick många idéer och tankar som kan funka irl. Den här kortleken kan vi använda direkt.
— Workshop participant

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