Lectures & workshops


What specific challenges are you trying to solve in your business or project? More attention and engagement from your audience or customer? More creativity, enjoyment and collaboration in your team? Or maybe a change of behavior in your organization, or among your users?

All of these challenges can be solved with the help of powerful, psychological mechanisms commonly found in games.

Playify is a tool that helps you clarify your business goals and your target user in order to generate suitable ideas for how to reach this goal with the help of game psychology.

gamification lectures


Sometimes, the best place to start is with a run-through on the basics, to get everyone up to speed on the subject, and answer important questions.

We offer inspirational and concrete lectures about engagement, game psychology and gamification, ranging 20 to 60 minutes. Always tailored to your particular industry, with plenty of relevant examples to get inspired by.

Gamification workshops

Although you can experiment with Playify on your own, the best way to get the most out of the experience is to let us guide you through the process.

Together we'll discuss the principles of gamification and how it relates to your particular goals and challenges. We will lead you through a series of Playify workshops that will bring out your best ideas, and help you put them together into a comprehensive whole.

Afterwards, you will not only have concrete knowledge about game design and gamification, but you will have a ton of ideas and advice for how to utilize them in your own projects.

Consulting Packages

We also offer:

  • Lecture/workshop packages ranging 90 minutes to half-days.
  • Series of development workshops, where we help you get from idea stage to a finished prototype.
  • Tailor-made Playify decks for your business or project.
  • Consulting, to assist in idea generation, development and marketing of your project.

We always tailor our lectures and workshop experiences to suit your needs, goals and challenges. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!